Atsieno Ngunya Law Firm

At present Atsieno, Ngunya & Associates consists of the two partners, associates, consultants, researchers and a pool of very competent support staff. Between them, the partners have a combined total of over 26 years professional experience and therefore have considerable competence in Civil, Conveyancing, Commercial and other areas of law. One of the partners has also specialized in white collar investigations having worked for the United Nations as a Prosecutor and Investigator in Timor Leste, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Sudan and Austria.

We have a policy of admitting pupils who undertake their internship with us where we expose them to a wide range of legal issues that the firm specializes in. Currently, we have 1 pupil who also assists in legal research and drafting. The firm has three support staff: one office manager, one receptionist, and one office messenger.

The firm specializes in giving legal opinions to our clients, electoral litigation, civil litigation, contract law, debt recovery matters on behalf of our clients, medical negligence, and arbitration matters. The firm also handles the preparation and registration of security documents such as legal charges, debentures, chattels mortgages, letters of hypothecation, power of attorneys, deeds of guarantees and indemnities, agreements, leases etc.  Under the umbrella of Atsieno Ngunya Consulting, the firm also assists clients with administrative investigations in relation to serious fraud, abuse of authority or staff, conflict of interests, gross mismanagement, waste of substantial resources, cases involving risk or loss of life of staff, substantial violations of organizational regulations, rules and administrative issuances as well as proactive investigations aimed at studying and reducing the risk to life and/property.

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