Atsieno Ngunya Law Firm

The firm’s areas of interest and practice include Electoral Matters, Employment and Labor Law, Judicial Review, Contract Law and Commercial Litigation as well as Medical Negligence Law, International Law and Criminal Law among others.


Through its litigation department, the firm is involved in day to day litigation before the Kenya Courts and Tribunals; both domestic and International.  The department is headed by Ms. Lindah Atsieno. Among the areas of litigation the firm deals with are: Issuing of demand notes for recovery of debts, institution of civil court proceedings for recovery of money/debts, quantification of damages in insurance claims, preparation for pleadings (plaints, defences etc), urgent application for injunctions, stay of execution, preparations of memoranda of appeal, applications for execution of judgments and decrees, preparation of interrogatories, preparation of replies to interrogatories, discovery of documents, consolidation of suits, application for summary judgment, applications for judgment on admissions, replying to such applications, applications to strike  out defenses, replies to such applications, urgent applications restraining parties from fleeing from the jurisdiction of the court, urgent applications generally, conducting hearing of suits, attachment of salaries, institution of bankruptcy proceedings, institution of inter-pleader proceedings, applications for arrest and attachment before judgment, applications for arbitration, applications for orders of mandamus, certiorari, institution of garnishee proceedings etc.


The firm’s Real Property (Conveyancing) Department is involved in preparation of debentures, charges, mortgages, second charges, registration of debentures, charges and mortgages, preparation of guarantees, preparations and registration of chattel mortgages, letters of hypothecation etc, preparation and registration of powers of attorney, redeeming of charges, preparation and registration of trust deeds, preparation of partnership deeds, preparation of deed-polls, discharge of charges.
Preparation of leases, registration of leases, transfer of leases, assignment of leases, preparation and registration of transfers, transfer of shares, agreements for purchase of shares, tenant/landlord relationships, conducting proceedings at the business premises, rent tribunal, conducting searches in all commercial and property registries.

The firm’s Company’s Commercial Corporate Law Department is involved in providing a wide range of commercial advisory services to clients including undertaking due diligence, advising on public listing, rights issues and asset sales. This department is headed by Ms. Wambui Ngunya.  The firm is also involved in company formation, preparation of memorandum and articles of association, preparation of company returns, preparation of company prospectus, legal status of company prospectus, alteration of share capital, acquisition and redemption of company’s shares, subscription of shares, protection of shareholders and particularly minority shareholders, issue of debentures, winding up procedures, grounds for winding up by court, voluntary winding up, winding up subject to supervision of the court, reconstruction and amalgamation of companies, company take-overs, criminal liabilities of a company, making returns to company registry, company secretarial work generally etc.


Registration of patents and trademarks, registration of logos etc.


International and local arbitrations.


General criminal litigation, applications for bail, conducting criminal hearing, variation of bail terms, criminal appeals and other related litigation, preparation and actual representation for persons charged with offences as prosecutors and defence lawyers. This includes attending courts for purposes of taking pleas, applying for bail, dealing with charges and information, examination and cross-examination of witnesses, mitigations and the preparation of any subsequent appeals at all levels of jurisdiction, subsequent applications for restitution of property, recording and taking evidence and trials, committal proceedings and other related procedures.